Outta Here…



At approximately 9:40am Monday morning Guangzhou-time, we received word with all the families in our group that our visas were done and could be picked up shortly!

By 11:30am we had visas in hand and flights rebooked!

We’ll stay here in Guangzhou one more night, leave for Hong Kong in the morning and approximately 26 hours later, at 7:15pm Tuesday we touchdown at Dulles.

Sweeter words I have never uttered.


17 thoughts on “Outta Here…

  1. Joy! Those are sweet, sweet words. Normal is so very, very precious. I can’t wait for you to get back to it, and for Marianna and Joseph to finally have a “normal”.

  2. SO excited for you all! that is such great news and answered prayers! we have been following your precious journey (from ccai fb) 😉 prayers for smooth travel here on out 😉

  3. So excited for you to be heading back to the USA!! And congrats to Marianna and Joseph on becoming citizens of America at approximately 7:15 Tuesday!
    Blessing for safe travels!

  4. I have followed your journey after finding you via “No Hands but Ours,” thank you for all you have shared! I have learned a lot from your journey and hope we will be able to put it to use in October, when, Lord willing, we will travel to China to bring our daughter home. Praying you home!

  5. Thank you – thank you so very much for your beautiful blog. My family travels to China to adopt our son in just 10 days. Seeing you, bringing three kids along, then adopting not one, but two children, and doing it, despite all your trails with the exit visas, with such grace, has really put me at ease for our upcoming journey where two adults (having left our kids at home) will secure just one child. Seriously – I cannot thank you enough for sharing your journey.

  6. So good to travel with you all yesterday!!! Hope you journey on from Chicago went well. LOVED meeting you…and your beautiful children. Blessings to you as you settle in at HOME! HOME!!!! (love that word, don’t you??)

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