Won’t let it steal my joy

The whole family is peacefully sleeping at the moment (Joseph just giggled in his sleep – probably dreaming about eating) and a comment from Annie today is running through my head – “I will not let this steal my joy”.

It’s very easy to let all of this nonsense with the visas make us bitter and angry but we are working hard not to be those people.

On Saturday morning I prayed the liturgy of the hours in the breakfast room while I waited to do an interview and the scripture reading was striking:

We avoid giving anyone offense, so that our ministry may not be blamed. On the contrary, in all that we do we strive to present ourselves as ministers of God, acting with patient endurance amid trials, difficulties, distresses, beatings, imprisonments, and riots; as men familiar with hard work, sleepless nights, and fastings; conducting ourselves with innocence, knowledge, and patience, in the Holy Spirit, in sincere love as men with the message of truth and the power of God; wielding the weapons of righteousness with right hand and left, whether honored or dishonored, spoken of well or ill. We are called imposters, yet we are truthful; nobodies who in fact are well known; dead, yet here we are alive; punished but not put to death; sorrowful, though we are always rejoicing; poor, yet we enrich many. We seem to have nothing, yet everything is ours!
2 Corinthians 6:3-10

All of this is part of God’s plan and will work itself out for His glory. It seems a contradiction but it brings so much peace to bask in that knowledge and to just let it go.

So in that spirit I thought I’d share some fun pics from my phone of things we’ve experienced here in China.

Almost but not quite bacon20140728-040744-14864947.jpg

Heat index of 115 degrees20140728-040743-14863216.jpg

Leaving a note for housekeeping with the Chinese word for vomit20140728-040743-14863589.jpg

Joseph rocking the shades20140728-040743-14863077.jpg

I want to fashion!20140728-040743-14863968.jpg

Apple and Samsung living in harmony20140728-040744-14864361.jpg

Hot dog ramen noodles20140728-040744-14864657.jpg

Top of the world!20140728-040745-14865428.jpg

Warm remindings…20140728-040742-14862496.jpg

Should I go for cucumber or meat sauce chips?20140728-040741-14861585.jpg

Sammy the VIP20140728-040742-14862030.jpg


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