Pizza Party

Thanks to a generous person from the States, several families here got to enjoy a pizza party and a few moments of much-needed levity with the kids. Papa John’s has never been such a comfort or tasted so good.20140725-DSC_3932 20140725-DSC_3936 20140725-DSC_3939 20140725-DSC_3940 20140725-DSC_3941 20140725-DSC_3946 20140725-DSC_3957 20140725-DSC_3959 20140725-DSC_3979 20140725-DSC_3984 20140725-DSC_3985 20140725-DSC_3993 20140725-DSC_4005 20140725-DSC_4010 20140725-DSC_4017


2 thoughts on “Pizza Party

  1. Annie you take such amazing photo’s and your description throughout your experiences have been so vivid. I keep looking at these pictures and enjoy each and everyone of them. Through your blog and pictures I feel as though I’ve come to know these people even though I don’t know them from adam. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

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