No visas today.

Our homebound flights have been cancelled. <—that is a sentence I thought I wouldn’t have to write.

The State Dept is being tight-lipped and there is little news coverage. We are resigned that we will be stuck in China through the weekend (and possibly beyond?) There is no way of knowing. Our agency reps will give us an update in the morning but even the Consulates are being given little information.

Oh the irony! That of all the hoops we jumped through with getting China to get us all the documents we needed, it’s our own government that is grounding us here.

I want to stress that we are SAFE. We are being well cared for by the hotel and our agency staff here. Additionally, the company of fellow families stranded here with us are a welcome distraction.

A little happy hour goes a long way…


Furthermore, we are so very appreciative of all the donations we received prior to travel. Estimates for rescheduling flights are staggering right now but we are hopeful the airline will show mercy to us.

Nothing left to do but cast this at the feet of our Lord and hope for the best. Very appreciative all all your prayers and support.


5 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. Whoa, I’m so sorry that you’re stranded, and it is indeed ironic that our own government is causing you more trouble than China’s did. Will certainly keep you in prayer. I am at least glad to know that you’re safe. God bless you and Mary keep you!

  2. Praying for all of you! Had lost track of hearing about your family for some years. So glad a fellow FUS alumni mentioned your raising money gig and I found your blog. It’s been nice to read about your journey, pray for you, and hear about your two newest blessings.

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