Orphans no more

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23 thoughts on “Orphans no more

  1. What an absolute joy to see your journey. I’ve lived in China for about 6 weeks and am very familiar with the differences you have described between the cities. God bless you and know of our prayers. I am eager to meet these sweet little ones!

  2. Precious beyond words! Makes me want to fly there and bring my own babies home. You planted a seed in my heart for Chinese orphans. I pray we get to meet these 2 sweet additions next time we head out east! Prayers for your continued journey in China!

  3. My heart is just overflowing and melting with love when I look at these pictures. Aunt Katy can’t wait to hug and squeeze and kiss them!

  4. Oh Annie and Mike, this is just the best news of the day (year!)! I am so happy for you all. Congratulations! It sure is amazing and special to follow you like this, each step of the way, in pictures. It’s especially sweet to see your other kids meeting the new babies right along with you. Much love!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS Annie! They are just the sweetest little babies ever! I love all of these amazing photos and the joy that radiates through them. God is so good! Blessings to you and your family!!!

  6. We are so thrilled for all of you. Tears of joy are streaming down our faces as we look at these beautiful pictures of the Norton Family of 7! Thanks be to God for his abundant blessings. Looking forward to meeting M&J. Prayers for your safe travels are coming your way.

  7. Congratulations on your new “twins!” Praying for a continued smooth transition for them! Gorgeous babies, gorgeous family!

  8. Oh by heart! I’m moved to tears! It’s like the birth of two new family members! Congratulations! How beautiful and wonderful and there-are-no-words-good-enought-to-describe-ful!

  9. Annie, they fit perfectly in your arms. So beautiful! Congratulations and many blessings to your whole, expanded crew!

  10. Amazing!! Absolutely amazing! The pictures took my breathe away!! They are both so stunningly beautiful!!! As are you, just glowing!!! I cannot even handle this it is so exciting!

  11. Oh how much joy is on your face! I woke up at 3am burdened to pray for your new family. I am beyond excited for you and your new family of 7! Congratulations! Your newest son and daughter are gorgeous and I can only image how many memories you guys will make in the next few days. God Bless!
    Krissy Evans

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