Curbside at Dulles International Airport–thank you Dad for driving us!

Arrived in Beijing around 2:30pm local time. Flight went better than expected. Long but manageable. Sarah got airsick during our final descent into Beijing but it was otherwise a largely (and thankfully) uneventful flight. Kids slept a couple of hours, Mike and I not so much. Not gonna lie–individual inflight movies was a Godsend. They literally sat like this for the first 8 hours of the flight, breaking only long enough to enjoy the thrill of airline kids’ meals and drinks offered every few hours.


Met up with Linda-Anne (Mike’s SIL/our travel companion) who arrived on her flight from SFO just minutes before us. Got through immigration/customs easily enough and found all our luggage. Praise. The. Lord. Shortly after, we were greeted at the airport by a representative from our agency, Jean, holding a sign for us amidst a throng of people. For weary, sleep-deprived and overwhelmed travelers far from home, this was the most welcome and happy sight. She got us on the bus and handed out much-needed bottled water for everyone and gave us the run down of what to expect during our stay here in Beijing.


We’ve checked into our hotel and everyone has showered. No one is hungry but everyone is tired so the kids are just snacking for tonight’s meal and we’re all turning in early and hope to feel more rested by tomorrow morning. If everyone feels well enough, we’ll tour the Great Wall along with the other families from our agency’s travel group

The kids are holding up well so far. They are both excited and overwhelmed by all they are seeing now…just like their parents. We are all reveling in the fact that we are physically closer to Marianna and Joseph than we’ve been previously. Three more sleeps until we get them in our arms.

So as our loved ones back home are just waking up, we are signing off for the day and send you all our love. Thank you for all your prayers–we have truly felt them along the way!



7 thoughts on “Arrival

  1. So excited you arrived safely. Yes, inflight movies are wonderful! 🙂 When else would you allow your child to watch 10 hours of TV in one sitting….only on an international flight. Praying for restful sleep for all of you and wonderful days ahead.

  2. Enjoyed seeing the pics of you and kids. Continuing the prayers that all goes well. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when you see our babies for the first time! I would love to see Isaac, Sammy and Sarah’s face when they see their new brother and sister. If you can take lots of pictures. We’re all living this adventure vicariously with you back home! Love Mom and all the Easterday clan.

  3. I am so excited and happy for you guys! Know of my prayers as well. I know how stressful time in-country can be with a heart broken toddler (and you will have 2!!!) You were so wise to bring your older kiddos…they will be a consolation to you new kids!

  4. I’m so impressed that you took all your kids to China. It’s really amazing to think that they will all have stories, not just of how they first met their siblings, but of China itself.

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