Where do I even begin?


How do I even try to express our gratitude – and utter disbelief – at the overwhelming response to our Puzzle Fundraiser? Words fail. But allow me to state outrightly:

Thank you – from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.

When we set out to launch this fundraiser, I hesitated over the ‘publish’ button because I thought it was asking too much. Who would buy a $50 puzzle piece? Certainly $10,000 was too lofty a goal, wasn’t it? Maybe we ought to set our sights a little lower? But as I hovered the mouse over the button to make the fundraiser go live, I told myself that *any* contribution we received to help lift this hefty financial burden would make the effort worthwhile.


Never in my life would I have imagined that in less than 60 hours we’d surpass our $10,000 goal. But God’s Divine Providence never fails. He never disappoints. It’s testimony that He blazes the path ahead of you, even when every obstacle imaginable stands in your way. What’s more, this has been a lesson in never doubting the kindness and generosity of friends, family and even strangers around the world.

Completed Puzzles

In the interest of transparency, let me be clear and restate the numbers: the minimum fees associated with adopting just one from China is estimated at $30,000. Adopting a second child increases that figure by approximately $12,000 to a grand total of $42,000. To date, we have raised just a hair over $11,000 which almost covers the extra fees associated with adopting a second: our sweet Joseph. This total also happens to be exactly what the two separate orphanage fees will total. Either way, please be sure that every dime you donated will be spent directly on the associated fees to get both kids home.


The ‘nursery’ (aka a wall of our bedroom)

I am in the process of writing thank-you notes (and hunting down addresses) to all who contributed to our fundraiser but in the event that I inadvertently miss someone, please know how truly grateful we are for each and every one who was kind enough to give, promote and encourage us throughout this fundraiser. Every. Single. Penny. is a treasure to us. Pure gift. Every single Facebook ‘share’ was appreciated. A good number of people donated exceptionally large amounts (thank you!) but we were equally grateful for and enormously touched by the smaller donations – the widow’s mite. The outpouring of such generosity from so many generous souls was staggering.

There is more I want to say but I will end this with simply stating again: thank you. Those words hardly suffice but they are nonetheless sincere. As promised, and as a token of our gratitude, your names and intentions are are being remembered in a Mass being offered for all of our benefactors. We are also praying for each of you during our family nightly prayers.

God is never outdone in generosity. What you have done for others will be done to you. May God bless and reward your kindness and generosity a thousandfold!


For those who have asked: YES! We are still gratefully continuing to accept donations! You can donate via the link on the side bar (or here) or by PayPal using Mike’s email address: mike @ norton crew . com (take out the spaces). We have long run out of puzzle pieces but rest assured, your names are being included on the back of the mats surrounding the now-framed puzzles.

Since I posted the names of donors with labeled puzzle pieces on FB, I thought it only right to give credit to the people who donated even without getting a puzzle piece of their own. The names that have their own places of honor on the mat board so far include:

  • Leila Miller
  • Joe and Lindsay Konopa
  • Damian and Katie F. and family
  • Scott and Jackie Olsson
  • Hanael and Tiffany Bianchi
  • JJ and Melinda Lee
  • Tara Pesta
  • Katie and Pete Murphy
  • Colleen and Eric Rudolph
  • Karey Nobles
  • Michelle Hillaert
  • Kay and Bob Hettler



2 thoughts on “THANK YOU!

  1. This is Just. AWESOME!!!!! I am tearing up knowing that in just hours after you posted, your goal was met!!!! These babies are blessed – and you are too!!! God-planned, without a doubt! God Bless!!!

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